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7 Belly Fat Exercises That Work

1.    Abdominal Exercises

If you intend to lose belly fat, you will need to do abdominal exercises because this is one of
the best ways to lose weight. To do the bicycle abdominal exercise, you first want to lie on
your back and then you would raise your legs to a 45-degree angle while placing your hands
behind your back. Keep one leg straight while bending the other leg towards your elbow.  Other
good abdominal exercises include sit-ups, crunches, push-ups and crunches. If you work with
a personal trainer, ask him for suggestions on some good abdominal exercises you can do at
home. There are also books you can read and online videos you can watch about abdominal
exercises.  You want to do at least thirty minutes of abdominal exercises a day and you should
also take breaks every few weeks so the abdomen can recover.

2.    Bicycle Riding and Exercise Machines

Going on a bike ride for thirty minutes each day not only strenghtens your leg and arm muscles
but it also contributes to a decrease in belly fat. Another option is to use exercise machines such
as treadmills, step machines, trampolines and machines that target the abdominal muscles. If
you cannot afford to go to a gym, you can purchae inexpensive exercise equipment from
fitness stores. When you use the exercise machines, use them according to the manufacturer’s
directions and never let young children get on the machines. When you ride your bike, you
should follow safety guidelines on the road and be careful as some drivers are not careful while
on the road.  The benefit of using exercise machines is that you can use them at your
convenience and this provides the chance to exercise in the privacy of your own home.

3.    Bent Knee Crunches

To do these crunches, you want to lie on your back and bend your knees at a 90-degree angle.
Place your fingers behind your back and then you would slowly raise your head and neck as
well as the shoulders to tighten your stomach muscles and you would repeat this exercise 20
times. When you do bent knee crunches, you constrict your abdominal muscles in such a way
that you gradually start to lose belly fat in addition to your other exercises. Bent knee crunches
are also good to do if you are trying to develop six-pack abs for a bodybuilding competition.
If you feel yourself becoming sore while doing the bent knee crunches over a period of days,
you want to stop and take a break so that your abdomen can rest before you start the exercises
again. If you recently lost weight but want to get rid of the extra belly fat, these crunches are
good for this purpose.

4.    Leg Circles

To do leg circles, you should lie on your back with bent knees, feet on the exercise mat and your arms
at the sides of your stomach. Start by lifting your right leg upwards while bending nd the knee of the right leg and keeping the toe pointed. You would then move the right leg in a circle ten to fifteen times
and then do the same thing with your left leg. Rotate legs with this exercise and repeat them twenty
more times. Doing leg circles will supplement your cardio workouts that you do on a regular basis and
this exercise also strengthens your legs, which can serve as warm-ups for cardio workouts, walking and
running during the week. If you had a minor injury and still want to lose belly fat, you can do leg
circles. When doing leg circles, wear comfortable clothing.

5.    Double Arm Reach

Lie on your back and then bend your knees and place your arms on the sides. After you do this
would tghten your stomach muscles and lift the head and shoulders off the floor. Then you
would move the arms slightly away from the sides in a stratched out position and then move
your arms over your head while still tightening the stomach muscles. You should repeat this
exercise ten to fifteen times and you can continue this exercise for a few days until you start to
lose belly fat. This is a good exercise to do if you need to switch your exercise routine or if
you reached a weight loss plateau and need a way to continue losing weight. The double arm
reach is also good because you exercise the arm and leg muscles, which are also important in
weight loss.

6.    Plank Downward Pose

To do this exercise, you want to place your knees in a plank position while your body is in a
straight line position. Make sure you keep your back in a straight position and pull in your
abdominal muscles while standing in this position. Then you would raise the hips as high as you
can until you form a V shape and then repeat the exercise twenty times. This exercise helps you
trim belly fat but it also offers strength training in your back, hands, knees and legs. If you just
suffered a back injury, this is not the best exercise to do and you want to wait a few weeks
before starting this exercise. Use this exercise as a supplement to your regular workouts and you
can do this exercise at home, the gym or at a public park.

7.    Leg Lifts

To do leg lifts, you want to lie on your back and then lift both of the legs six inches off the
ground. Hold your legs in the air for ten minutes and then bring your legs back to the exercise
mat. Repeat this exercise for ten to twenty minutes each day for the best results. Leg lifts are
good for decreasing belly fat but they are also good for strengthening your leg muscles so that
you will have the strength you need for moving around during the day. If you want to take  the
boredom out of basic leg lifts, you can twist your stomach from side to side while doing the leg
lifts or you can use medium-weight dumbbells while doing the leg lifts. When doing the leg
lifts, your toes and knees should be pointed and you want to tighten the abdomeb as much as

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