Diet And Exercise Plan

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The 2 Week Lose Belly Fat Diet and Exercise Plan

Here are some tips on how you would lose belly fat in two weeks and feel fabuolous afterwards. The first thing you should do is reduce your calorie intake drastically but not to the point of starving yourself. The key is the kinds of foods you consume. In order to lose belly fat you have to eat an equal amount of calories that you can burn within an adequate amount of time. Stay away from frozen meals and desserts, boxed meals, fast food combo meals and large portions of home-cooked meals. Eat more fruits and vegetables and you can also consider a vegetarian diet for the next two weeks to reduce calories.

Do Cardio Workouts Daily

You need to do high-intensity cardio workouts daily if you intend to reduce belly fat ion two weeks because physical exercise boosts weight loss greatly. To avoid a weight loss plateau where you stop your progress, you should switch up the cardio routine every few days. For three days you can dance in the living room and for next few days you can get on the treadmill, and during the final stretch you can do some weight training and ab exercises.

Drink Water

Water hydrates your body and it takes out unhealthy toxins out of your body that cause the belly fat to stay on your body. During workouts you will get dehydrated at times so this is why you should drink water in between workout sessions.

Get Mental Motivation

You may feel tempted to give up on your goal if you are not seeing immediate results from the changes you made. During these times you need to get more motivation and there are several ways to do this. Meet with your personal trainer or good friend and discuss the temptations you face and then ask them for ways you can remain dedicated to your goal. Read a few books about people who experienced drastic weight loss through diet and exercise.

Specifics About Nutrition

In previous paragraphs there was advice on eating healthy in order to eliminate belly fat and now here are a few specific tips on the subject. Instead of refined flour-based carbs, you should eat whole wheat breads, rice and pasta. It is better to not include carbohydrates with dinner but instead focus more on eating proteins and vegetables for dinner. Never eat meals late at night because you gain more calories and it hinders your success.

As it is so hard to get rid of belly fat, you may be skeptical of the claim that you can do this within two weeks. With determination, you can achieve your goal and look great at the same time. Don’t get discouraged if you stumble at times because you can resume your journey until you succeed. It also helps to play music while exercising because it takes the boredom out of your workout and finally, rest for a few days after a workout because this is how you build muscles in the process of weight loss.

Lose 5 Lbs. in 1 Week. GUARANTEED With Nutrisystem