Lose Belly Fat Home Workout

Quick Sweat Cardio Workout to Lose Weight & Burn Belly Fat Fast

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The Lose Belly Fat Home Workout

If you want to lose belly fat fast without the embarrassment of visiting a gym, it’s possible to have a good workout routine that is effective in addition to eating the right foods regularly. There are books and DVDs you can purchase that help you lose belly fat quickly and some of your friends and relatives can give you advice on the best ways to do this. It will take patience and determination to do this but it will be worth it when you see the results you want.

Ab-Specific Exercises

One of the best ways to lose belly fat at home is to do abdominal exercises that strengthen the stomach while burning fat. To do abdominal crunches, you would lie on the mat and have your feet slightly spread apart. Then place your hands behind your head and contract your stomach muscles tightly while slightly lifting your shoulder towards your chest. You would repeat this exercise fifteen to twenty minutes a day.

Leg Raises

Here is how you would do leg raises. Start by lying on your mat and with your legs slightly bent in the knees while stretched out. While contracting your stomach tightly, you want to raise your legs as high up in the air as possible then slowly bring the legs back to the mat. You can repeat this routine ten to fifteen times.

Cardio Workouts

It’s not enough just to do abdominal exercises because if you have more belly fat than normal, you want to do cardio workouts before starting the abdominal exercises and weight training. Some good cardio workouts include walking, running, dancing, jumping on the treadmill and playing a sport such as basketball or softball. In between cardio sessions, you want to drink plenty of water so that you’ll stay hydrated.

Resistance Training

Resistance training not only boosts your metabolism but it also helps you get rid of belly fat. Resistance training also builds muscles effectively. Purchase a resistance band at a fitness supplies store and use it to work your abdominal and other muscles in the body. Another type of resistance training is the use of a stability ball for workouts and another idea is to do resistance exercises with dumbbells and barbells as well as machines specifically for abdominal exercises.

Lifting Weights

Weightlifting is an important part of weight training and it builds muscle and burns the fat. You don’t have to go to the gym to lift weights because if your basement is bare, you can purchase inexpensive home gym equipment to lift weights on a regular basis. Start by using medium-sized weights and then you can progress to larger ones.

Exercise is important in reducing belly fat and if you engage in physical activity on a consistent basis, you will see better results and your confidence will be restored. You ideally want to exercise daily for an hour but if this is not possible, you should do it three times a week.

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